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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their objectives by providing the highest quality accounting, audit, tax and related financial and insurance services. We appreciate that awareness and personal attention to every client are critical to our shared success. We incessantly strive to provide exceptional, industry specific services while promoting our clients and a dynamic work environment that is rewarding professionally and personally for all our clients and employees.

Principles Statement

To achieve our mission and goals, everyone at The NestEggg Group, EgggsAct Tax & NestEggg Investment Advisors share the same core values:

  • Trustworthiness and Integrity – Meet our professional responsibilities in an ethical and fair manner
  • Superiority – Provide services of the highest quality to our clients that consistently exceed their expectations
  • Professionalism and Familiarity ‐ Ensure that our partners and staff are continually learning, growing, and are recognized as front-runners in their fields
  • Poise and Detail – Treat every individual and relationship with dignity and respect
  • Culture – Sustain a professional work environment where our culture promotes the importance of staff development, career advancement, and work-life balance
  • Community and Philanthropy – Support the communities in which we live, work and play with our combined human and economic resources
From our blog...

A report on KESQ this week reports "Medical marijuana has become big business here in the valley, with politicians, business owners, and charities trying to get a piece of the pie."  The story also reports that the City of Palm Springs brought in $1,000,000 in tax revenue in the last year.

With QuickBooks Online, data is always up to date without syncing or sending files because it is stored in the cloud. Reconciliation of downloaded banking and credit card transactions can be fully automated. Take a picture of receipts with your phone to enter them directly into QuickBooks Online.

Before HealthCare.Gov, James couldn't get coverage because he has type 1 diabetes. Two weeks after getting insured, he developed hemorrhages in his retinas but was able to get treatment because he was insured. Don't' risk your health - get covered now! reports, "Health insurance companies can't refuse to cover you or charge you more just because you have a pre-existing condition. They also can't charge women more than men.  Being sick won't keep you from getting coveragel  Your insurance company can't turn you down or charge you more because of your pre-existing health or medical condition like asthma, back pain, diabetes, or cancer. Once you have insurance, they can't refuse to cover treatment for your pre-existing condition.  This is true even if you've been turned down or refused coverage due to a pre-existing condition in the past."

According to their official website, "Palm Springs Safe Access, a California Mutual Benefit organization is dedicated to the goals of Compassionate Care – providing quality and affordable medicine for its patient group - seeks to be recognized as an industry leader in promoting compassionate caregiving in a professional environment that offers safety-tested products to ensure a first-class, top-quality experience for patients.  Palm Springs Safe Access, looks forward to supporting local charities with donations from operational profits, will carry more than 50 strains, or varieties, of medical cannabis, as well as edible products and other remedies, all independently tested by SC Laboratories to ensure all offerings are free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and molds.  Palm Springs Safe Access has worked closely with SC Laboratories - a leader in quality assurance and safety testing for the medical cannabis industry and one of the first independent analytical institutions to recognize the importance of promoting cannabis safety through education, testing, and certification."

Once your claim for a missing refund is processed, if the check was not cashed, you will receive a replacement after the original check is cancelled. If the refund check was cashed, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS) will provide you with a claim package that includes a copy of the cashed check. BFS will review your claim and the signature on the cancelled check before determining whether they can issue you a replacement check. The BFS review can take up to six weeks to complete.

Verizon is buying AOL for $4.4 billion, mainly for its video assets. Will this make Verizon a bigger threat to Google and Facebook in online advertising? And what's it mean for Yahoo and Twitter?  Fred Campbell of writes, "Verizon's bid to buy AOL for $4.4 billion should be no big deal for regulators. The Federal Communication Commission already announced that it won't review the deal and there is no reason to think antitrust regulators will raise concerns. But that hasn't stopped Silicon Valley's advertising giants from attempting to leverage the deal into new regulations that would help them tighten their grip on Internet advertising markets."  But what does CNNMoney have to say about it?  Check out this video!

Writes blogger Brahm Neufeld of the National Geographic Drugs, Inc. special on Marijuana, "The end result is an incredibly balanced and informative show that is not trying to present an agenda, just the facts. The show boldly tackles issues that lots of people would rather not talk about. Interestingly, the US Government and the US Drug Enforcement Agency directly support the show's production, even though some of the facts don't always agree with the law.

You can get a transcript online or by mail to view your tax account transactions, line-by-line tax return information or wage and income reported to us for a specific tax year. The method you used to file your return and whether you have a refund or balance due, affects your current year transcript availability. Note: If you need a photocopy of your return, you must use Form 4506.

Estimated tax is the method used to pay tax on income that is not subject to withholding (for example, earnings from self-employment, interest, dividends, rents,alimony, etc.). In addition, if you do not elect voluntary withholding, you should make estimated tax payments on other taxable income, such as unemployment compensation and the taxable part of your social security benefits. reports "Cannabis activist lights up in live TV interview on South Africa's state broadcaster...Andre Du Plessis smoked marijuana during a legalisation debate with the Central Drug Authority's deputy chairman, who displayed no reaction to the move..." reports that one sign you might be addicted to investing is that you have an online brokerage account.  They say, "Prior to the advent of the online brokerage, prospective investors had to go through financial intermediaries with access to stock exchanges, otherwise known as brokerage firms. The process, being arduous and costly, was a textbook opportunity for middlemen to step in and lower the transaction costs. In 1969, the creation of the first Electronic Communication Network (ECN) paved the way for online brokerages, revolutionizing the industry forever. ECNs are network systems that automatically match prospective buyers with prospective sellers on an exchange. Today, we see this concept in its modern form in the online brokerage business model."

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