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Whether you are a new start-up or a seasoned business, The NestEggg Group, has the services, experience and ideas to help you navigate the pitfalls and boost your productivity.

Do you know all of the start-up issues that you need to address for your new business? Do you understand all of the legal and tax requirements? Do you have a strategic plan, a business plan, or a marketing plan? Should you incorporate or not? What business licenses do you need? There arehundreds of questions just like these and we know the answers that will fit your situations. The decisions you make in the beginning of your new business will follow your business for years.

Or maybe it is time to re-create the perfect image for your existing business! Do you need a new logo or an innovative and updated website? What about business cards, press releases, search engine optimization or social media? Is your head spinning yet?

Many new business owners think that it is enough just to have a good idea and the drive to succeed. But generally companies that fail to plan are planning to fail. You need procedures, you need a plan, you need help, and you need “NestEggg” to sweat the small stuff for you.

The business specialists at The NestEggg Group, Inc. are here to help you with anything to do with the set-up of your business and its on-going operations. We can even help locate funding to qualified candidates looking for assistance with their new business.

Always focused on what is best for you, we have actively partnered with different and complementary businesses (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Legal Zoom, CreaEgggtion Domains and Imagine It Media [just for starters]), to create strategic relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our partners can assist you with everything from leases to purchase power, inventory, design, marketing, and even plans for the future.

One of our partners is Planets Design, a respected and award-winning marketing firm in Seattle, WA that specializes in graphics, website design, corporate identity and branding, and advertising. They are specialists at helping you get the most out of your dollars with their experience, great design, good ideas and advice, solid technical skills, but most importantly, a focus on your needs and objectives. They fit perfectly in our business development basket. Ideas become tangible and we will get you the attention you need.

Website Design and Development by Planets Design can give your business a tremendous boost – Our integrated websites work with QuickBooks and QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale) through such applications as Square and Authorize.net (the leader in online credit card processing) and are fully integrated into your businesses use of QuickBooks and other accounting platforms to streamline your workflow.  You may ask, “How does a QuickBooks integrated website help my business?”  Well the answer is, a QuickBooks integrated website ensures a SEAMLESS transfer of sales order, inventory, payment and customer information from your website shopping cart system.  It makes managing our business EASY.  So make it easy on yourself, and get a head start on your competition with an integrated website from CreaEgggtion Media and Planets Design.

Why Do Small Businesses Need a Registered Agent?

Owning your own small business is a 24/7 job. You work during the day, think about work at night, and probably even wake up mid-slumber to jot down a great new idea to improve your processes.

The point is, when you’re a business owner, you’re always working, even if you aren’t at work.

But what happens if you or your business is served a summons, a lawsuit, or official state documents and you’re not in? U.S. business law dictates that you must, at all times, have a registered agent available to receive these documents during normal business hours. This agent—which can be a business or individual—must be on hand to receive and sign for those documents. The idea is to make sure these processes (such as the receipt of tax documents or notice of a lawsuit) are as smooth as possible and to keep people from claiming the information got “lost in the mail.”

That’s why every business needs a registered agent. It’s also why many businesses—especially single-owner companies and smaller entities—often select a registered agent not on their premises.

After all, as hard as you work, you need a vacation now and again. Even if you’re too busy for that, you’re going to have to head out and see clients or go to off-site meetings. A registered agent at another location will receive your paperwork for you and then make sure you receive them.

It might seem like a small role, but finding a reliable, professional registered agent is one of the smartest things you can do. Consider the following:

Say one of your products injures someone and they’re feeling litigious, so they sue. Say you never receive the paperwork, either because you’ve been out on business or your registered agent is sloppy. Since you never received the paperwork to appear in court, you have no way of knowing that the case is happening, fail to appear, and lose a default judgment, all because of a simple oversight.

No one wants that to happen.

That’s why you need a professional registered agent or someone you work with that you trust. Remember, this person or entity must be available to receive paperwork in person, so the address you give your state cannot be a P.O. Box. State law varies, but it’s generally a good idea to choose a registered agent in the state in which you incorporated.

If you’re incorporating with The NestEggg Group’s affiliate, Legal Zoom;  we can act as your AOS or help you find a registered agent and help you decide if you should serve as your own. Choosing one is a small but important step in forming a legitimate, legal business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Service of Process and How Will It Affect my Business?

Service is the delivery of legal documents, such as mail, fax, email, or personal delivery.  Process refers to legal documents such as a lawsuit, a summons or complaint, wage garnishments, subpoenas for records, and official state correspondence.  You are required to have a registered address with the state where you will receive service of process.

If you do not respond to certain Service of Process, you may have your company suspended or terminated.  Also, if your company does not respond a to a legal notice such as lawsuit, you may get a default judgment instead of appropriate relief.

Can I Be my Own Registered Agent?

You can, but you must be available during normal business hours.  You also have to have an address located in the state where your business is registered and any states where the company is doing business.  Your name and address must also be listed in public records.

Will I Fall Out of Good Standing with the State if I Do Not Have a Registered Agent?

If you don’t maintain a registered agent you may be prohibited from doing business within that state.  You may also be subject to monetary penalties.

 * NestEggg is not responsible for misinformation from our clients and will not be held accountable for any missing or misconstrued information that may prevent you or your business from remaining compliant.
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