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At The NestEggg Group, Inc. (NestEggg Accounting Services), our goal is to help you find the BEST solution for you and your business.

Our rates are simple, $95.00- $105.00 an hour for Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accounts Recievable & Accounts Payable. Government related tasks (payroll, sales tax, and any other government related “NON” Income Tax filings).

NOTE: A Working Retainer may be necessary when working with NestEggg, prior to moving forward, ask what, if any this amount will be and how frequent.

NestEggg, works simultaneously with you, your employees, vendors to ensure an easy “push-to-tax” at year end.

Don’t underestimate the value of skilled, diligent bookkeeper/accountant. We are not inexpensive, but are “Competitive”to those higher priced CPA firms. It’s difficult to gauge the amount of time spent per client, as each client’s needs are different, but an open line of communication is priceless. Without prompt replies, answers are found by searching, online, the phone, via email or within historical data and this task can be costly.

Our specialty is QuickBooks Online, but we do use all  other versions. We have QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisors on staff that provide you peace of mind, knowledge and information. We handle consulting, installation, set-up, training, and 3rd-party integration when/where required.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this form. We will respond promptly to discuss the scope of your business and individual needs to reach your goals.

NOTE: We bill monthly for services from the prior month and expect payment within 5-10 days to avoid service interruption and  late fees. Invoices are reviewed by your pre-determined account manager for accuracy. Please note in some cases you may receive our invoice with an amount due, but could have already been charged to the card on file or transferred from any applicable account, per our business agreement. Per the note above a “working” retainer is necessary and will be billed through our automated billing system as per our business agreement.

It is a NestEggg policy to enforce that our clients review their financials frequently. Monthly financials are sent to all clients after prior month’s reconciliation(s) and is expected that they are approved, as you know your business better than anyone.

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Note: **Services** below are provided by our Affilate Companies: EgggsAct Tax, Inc. NestEggg Investment Advisors, LLC
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