3 Big Reasons Dispensaries Need Cannabis Education

3 Big Reasons Dispensaries Need Cannabis Education

Choose to be a leader in your marijuana retail operation by pushing education

In the cannabis sector, the term “cannabis education” has emerged to accompany the movement towards legalization across states and countries. Cannabis education seeks not only to provide information about the uses of the cannabis plant, but helps users and potential users understand the medicinal, legal, social and safe consumption aspects of it.

Cannabis education takes facts and research-based approach to helping people learn about cannabis but also relies on the experiences of others to build knowledge within the cannabis community to fill in important knowledge gaps.

Here are three big reasons your marijuana retail dispensary needs cannabis education:

  • Spreads Information for De-Stigmatization

For decades, cannabis has been unfairly associated with laziness, acting silly, or “getting the munchies”, which the cannabis community is trying to fight against. Cannabis education helps customers and potential customers of dispensaries be part of reducing and eliminating the stigma surrounding cannabis. For instance, some cannabis education programs focus on matching strains to productivity, high-energy and exercise and as such, it’s making its way into new types of cannabis-infused exercise activities.

Cannabis education also helps to spread more information about how cannabis is being used for medicinal purposes, to treat the opioid epidemic in North America, and the incredible amount of research going into cannabis in the areas of cancer and women’s heath to name a few.

  • Encourages Informed & Safe Consumption

A very active discourse within the efforts to legalize has been around safety concerning access to minors, driving while stoned, and safe consumption.

Cannabis education is unique because it looks back at other movements to prevent use of substances such as alcohol prohibition and the drug war. By taking lessons from failed attempts to promote safe consumption, as evidenced by the high instances of alcoholism and drunk driving, cannabis education is able to understand more effective ways to reach an intended audience.

Cannabis education isn’t about how to rip the biggest bong so you get the best high. Instead, it teaches users about dosages, potency, microdosing, strains, THC-content, strain-ratios, and the various cannabinoids in the cannabis plant that influence consumption. Cannabis education encourages safe use by helping people understand what’s in their marijuana and the possible effects it could have on individuals so they can make informed choices for their consumption.

  • Reminds the Public of Regulations for Compliance & Legalities

While in some states and countries cannabis has been legalized for medicinal and recreational sales, it does not serve as a carte blanche for cannabis users to use in public or for the industry to easily promote available cannabis.

Each state in the United States, for instance, has its own set of cannabis-related laws in terms of public use, social clubs, locations for cannabis events, licensing, possession and growing laws. It’s important that dispensary customers understand the legal bounds under which their enjoying cannabis in.

Dispensaries have a duty to model the way for compliance for legal cannabis, recognizing that it’s a privilege to be enjoyed. While they are in no ways enforcers of the law, they can provide information about the ways that products can be legally used and where there are restrictions that can mean trouble for the user if not honored.

How Can Your Dispensary Do Cannabis Education?

While you can’t turn your dispensary into a classroom, you can turn your dispensary into a place that combines sales with information.

Here are a few ways you can bring cannabis education into your marijuana retail space:

  • Engage cannabis educators in creating resourceful brochures and takeaways for your customers detailing the products and effects on the body
  • Bring cannabis educators into your space for specific learning sessions targeted to different audiences, such as cannabis use for certain medical conditions, or to explore new innovations in cannabis retail
  • Use your website and social media as a hub from which to spread cannabis information
  • Ask your employees to document the types of questions they are getting from their customers so that your dispensary can answer questions in an informed and unified way
  • Provide resources for more information, recognizing you can’t be the only source for cannabis education
  • Invest in your marijuana retail employee’s professional development so to increase the cannabis literacy of your whole staff

No one can argue with the fact that people deserve to be equipped with as much information as possible when making a choice to use a substance such as cannabis. Choose to be a leader in your marijuana retail operation by strategizing on how you can contribute to the community of practice on cannabis education


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