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Do you have children?
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With whom are you having issues?
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  • IRS
  • State
  • Both IRS & State
  • Other
What type of issues are you having?
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  • Owe money and can't pay
  • Disputing a charge
  • Seizure of Property
  • Liens / Levies
  • Revenue Officer contacted you
  • Need a penalty abatement
  • Need prior year(s) tax filing
  • Current tax filing needed
  • Identity theft
  • Innocent spouse
  • Currently being audited
  • Need audit reconsideration
  • Need a substitute for return submissions
  • Business tax issues
How much do you think or know you owe to the IRS?
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  • Don't Know
  • Less than 30k (Our resolution fee is $1875)
  • More than 30k (Our resolution fee: $3500)
  • More than 50k (Our resolution fee: $5600)
  • More than 100k (Our resolution fee $6500)
  • Doesn't applyto me
How much do you think or know you owe to the State?
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  • Don't Know
  • Less than 30k
  • More than 30k
  • More than 50k
  • More than 100k
  • Doesn't apply to me
Estimated monthly disposable income (after bills)
Do you have any equity?
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  • Yes
  • No
If yes, what type?
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  • Cash
  • IRA
  • 401k
  • Credit Lines
  • Homes
  • Multiple Sources
  • Other
Total amount of equity?
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