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NestEggg Investment Advisors is a California based, State Registered Investment Advisor in both California and Washington state. Our mission is to provide the same high quality financial advice offered by major financial institutions without the conflicts that occur with typical wealth management companies. We offer personalized investment accounts that are fully diversified, actively managed and individually optimized to increase your long term wealth.

At NestEggg Investment Advisors our goal is to add value through:

  • Strategic allocation of assets
  • Management of investment risk
  • Meaningful client relationships
  • Tax-efficient investing
  • 100% Transparency (no hidden fees)

Experience proves that superior results are best achieved through clear communication when all of us, working together, are working for you and why we have  a strategic partnership with Wells Fargo Financial Advisors  to give you’re the peace of mind and security you need and deserve.

 It may come as a surprise to learn that not all financial advisors are required by law to put your interests first. As with the principles initial thought of treating our clients like “family” and taking the time to listen and not be copied by anything other than your financial planning and future.

The legal requirement to act in your best interest is called The Fiduciary Standard. NestEggg Investment Advisors is a Fiduciary. That means we will:

  • Put your best interests first
  • Never mislead you
  • Act with prudence
  • Resolve conflicts in your favor

Over 85% of all financial advisors are not fiduciaries. While brokers may not be fiduciaries, they must adhere to a “suitability” standard. This is a lower bar that allows them to sell investments that they “believe” are suitable for you. That does not always mean acting in your best interest, especially where commissions are involved. Of course, some investment advisors are both fiduciaries and brokers. It’s a bewildering conflict of interest. Carefully review the agreement you have with your investment advisor. In the fine print you may well see they “disclosed” their intent to take both fees and commissions from you.

 Our services are 100% fee based. There are no hidden charges or commissions. At NestEggg Investment Advisors, we work for you.

 * NestEggg is not responsible for misinformation from our clients and will not be held accountable for any missing or misconstrued information that may prevent you or your business from remaining compliant.

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